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Water quality in Silver Spring and Annapolis, Maryland

Banning the bottle without sacrificing health and water quality We all know the negative effects discarded plastic bottles have on our environment and oceans. But the problem for many Maryland homeowners, particularly those in the Annapolis and surrounding areas, is the reality of bad tasting or smelly water coming… Read More

The real costs of frozen pipes

With the cold snap embracing the area, it’s important to think about more than just keeping yourself warm and toasty. Don’t forget about the hazards and expense of frozen pipes. They are one of the most common causes of property damage during frigid weather and can cause thousands in water… Read More

How clean is your home’s water?

Did you Know? … that poor water quality could harm your plumbing and home appliances? Yes, not only is poor water quality throughout Maryland putting homeowners and their families at risk, it could also be doing irreparable harm to their plumbing system and appliances that utilize water. Read More

Maryland Drinking Water Among the Nation’s Least Safe

From Patch, May 11, 2017 Maryland’s drinking water is among the least safe in the United States, according to a report by the National Resources Defense Council. According to the report, Maryland had the nation’s 12th-most violations of the 1974 Safe Drinking Water Act in 2015, the year that… Read More

What to Do If You Have Rusty Water in Your Home

Rusty Water Does your water look cloudy orange or reddish in color? Is your tap water leaving a reddish-brown residue in sinks? Chances are, your water heater tank or house pipes are rusty. While it does not look appealing, the EPA reports that rust in water does not cause… Read More

Is Your Washing Machine Wasting Water?

Does your water bill seem higher than usual? There’s an appliance in your house that might be draining your wallet: the washing machine. In fact, the average clothes washer uses 31 gallons per load. Older models can use more than 40 gallons per load! Luckily, there are a few… Read More

Hurricane Florence is coming: are you ready?

Although the Northern Maryland area may or may not be directly in the path of Hurricane Florence, you need to be ready. Here are a few things to do prior to its potential arrival. Hurricanes can wreak havoc for coastal areas, but there are steps you can take to… Read More

Why Trade Schools are considered superior to 4-year colleges

Kids off to College this fall? Not for those pursuing careers in the Trades Typically, this time of year, you see stories of friends and neighbors proclaiming their status as new “empty nesters”. Well, for those who have 18-year-olds ready to move on to the next thing after high school,… Read More
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