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A glass of water might look clear, but there may be more in your water than meets the eye. Contact a Benjamin Franklin Plumbing for a  water analysis to show the presence of chlorine and the minerals that comprise “hard water.”

Water Testing For Hardness

If you can see the buildup of white scale on your appliances, you can likely guess you have hard water. A professional hard water test can provide you with specific information. High levels of hard water cuts the lifespan of your water-using appliances by one-third! In addition, showering in hard water severely dries out skin and hair. Find out the exact level of hardness in your water, and take action with a water softening solution.

Water Testing For Chlorine

Even though chlorine makes water safe by killing harmful waterborne bacteria, too much chlorine pollutes the taste of your water and may cause negative health effects. Find out the exact level of chlorine in your water, and take action with a water treatment solution. Bring out a Benjamin Franklin water quality expert to test your water and design a solution unique to your home.

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